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Modern theatre lighting rigs are getting more and more complicated. Moving lights are becoming more prolific in both venues and on tours, and yet we are still trying to control them using the same sort of rotary encoders and command-line based interfaces as found on the consoles of almost 30 years ago. Admittedly, such consoles paved the way to where we now find ourselves, and we have a lot to thank them for, but whilst the output technology has moved on, the physical input interface has not.

FocalPoint has been developed as a 21st Century way for programmers and / or designers to literally hold the rig in the palm of their hand, enabling us to quickly and seemlessly realise those creative ideas in our heads, without the interface getting in the way, whilst at the same time utilising the power of our favourite lighting consoles to control the data that it produces.

Inital release will be designed for use with ETC EOS-series consoles, but I am hopeful of ultimately getting it talking to any other systems that support a suitable means of input via OSC

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Deprecated Software:

Gallant Goat

IngeniusPro came about because I wanted to do more with a Strand 520i! To summarise, it can be used as an extension to your 300 or 500 series console, as a remote operation station to your 300 or 500 series console, as a designer's remote interface, or as an interface to the Strand Offline Editor. Intrigued? Click the logo to go to the IP microsite! (Last updated: 2011)