We are currently working on the following theatre/event related software:

Software that is currently available:

TriggerPoint Logo

TriggerPoint is a small piece of software that can run minimized on a computer and enable remote or pre-programmed automatic operation of PowerPoint presentations.

Possible uses for TriggerPoint include simplifying a show-control setup where one operator is controlling multiple consoles. Simply install TriggerPoint on the computer with the PowerPoint presentation, run it in the background, then configure your compatible lighting console or sound playback system to send supported commands to TriggerPoint in order to control your PowerPoint presentation.

Click on the logo for further information, and to download TriggerPoint!


Software that is currently undergoing beta testing:

Gallant Goat

IngeniusPro came about because I wanted to do more with our Strand 520i! To summarise, it can be used as an extension to your 300 or 500 series console, as a remote operation station to your 300 or 500 series console, as a designer's remote interface, or as an interface to the Strand Offline Editor. Intrigued? Click the logo to go to the IP microsite!


Software that is in development...

Gallant Goat
As a side project, I am putting the finishing touches to a piece of lighting control software I have developed for Microsoft Windows, based on the Manolator 256 DMX Dongle. This software, known as the 'Gallant Goat' has been through a number of BETA tests in a working theatre, and once complete with the bugs ironed out I hope to submit it to the Manolator website for inclusion in their software section.

Snazzy Sheep - Working Logo

In addition to the Goat, I am also learning how to program cross-platform computer applications using a piece of software called 'RealBasic', created by RealSoftware. The first piece of software I aim to complete will be the "Snazzy Sheep" media control system, which, once complete, I hope to release on this website. Stay tuned for more information!